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Ruchi says:

Stunned to know that he left us all of a sudden.

Chip Saunders says:

John’s rare gift of humor was enjoyed by almost everyone he touched. His employment of it came at unexpected but
opportune moments. He loosened the tense moments of executive meetings at Dell with appropriately timed “Medica Pearls”
refocusing us with a bit of laughter helping us get to solutions that we all felt better about. John was warm, kind, and he never
knew a stranger. His intelligence, energy, and leadership are the given we all came to appreciate. In some other dimension now
John undoubtedly has another group smiling.

Bern Beatty says:

I remember John well from his MBA days; he was always pleasant to be around, and I’m sorry he’s gone.

Victor Mieres says:

As a board member of National Instruments, John encouraged and supported my expat assignment in Singapore. He generously coached me on how to take advantage of his extensive professional network in Asia, which greatly facilitated my adjustment to the new environment. In addition, he checked on me from time to time to share his wisdom and insights. I am grateful to have known him professionally. He will be missed.

Brian Berkeley says:

John’s early departure from this world is a profound loss for all of us. His disarming style coupled with his leadership skills enabled teams of people to get aligned around his direction, working together to solve tough problems and to achieve great success. The first open-architecture, color Macintosh would not have shipped without him. Those of us who were fortunate enough to work for him and with him learned the right way to motivate and lead people, to cut to the essence of a problem, and to have fun in the process. He truly cared about people. He was my #1 mentor, bar none, over a 20-year career at Apple. I feel so fortunate that we recently had another opportunity to work together. John was like that, his presence would light up a room and the lives of those around him. He will be deeply missed, and will always be remembered for his humor, straightforward style, high energy, generous spirit, kindness, and intellect.
To Megan and his family, heartfelt sympathies for the great loss of larger-than-life John. We send our love from California.

Joseph C. Hsu says:

John gave us the opportunities and guidance to move Dell CPG forward effectively. I am honored to work with him and report to him in 2003-2004; it was a proactive and happy working experience. It is sad that he passed away so soon. This also brings a reminder to us to keep healthy bodies and to do productive jobs for this society.

Jim Hanson says:

John and Megan have been leaders in promoting speech and debate at the highest levels of excellence. Wake Forest is blessed to have had their incredible support. The speakers and debaters I have worked with have also benefited from John and Megan’s generosity and humbly, I call myself a friend. I am so so sad at the loss of John. Like many others who have spoken to John’s talents, insight, questioning, and intellect, I too admired John. I loved talking with him. His sense of humor was pointed and hilarious. He had really good ideas–and vision. His help for me, students, and many others like those at Wake Forest lives on in the many cherished experiences he and Megan provided.

My profoundest sympathies to Megan. I am grateful to have known John and I celebrate his memory with this small gift.

Ned Gidley says:

Mr. Medica not only helped through his generosity but also his engaging kindness. I was fortunate enough to spend time with him as he made sure to visit campus and check in on projects that were dear to him. I was shocked and saddened by the sudden news of his passing but am glad to know he has built a last legacy at Wake Forest with great gifts. An embodiment of Pro Humanitate.

Adam Tomasi says:

I am so grateful for Mr. Medica’s support of the debate team in his time with us. My fondest moment of him was when he visited our squad to watch a practice debate for the ACC debate championship last year. He came up with an amazing strategy which ended up winning us the finals! The following year, last April, we competed again and John was sending us helpful articles for our “cases.” We are all so fortunate that he and Megan have supported the team in incalculable ways!

Varun Reddy says:

John Medica was one of the greatest supporters and engines behind the Wake Forest Debate Team. His joyfulness and always inspiring presence will be deeply missed at our squad meetings and team events. My heart goes out to Megan and to all of the people whose heart he touched during his lifetime. My experience at Wake Forest would not have been the same without someone like John who always believed in both myself and the team. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

Roberto Fernandez says:

Although I never met John, since I first showed interest in the Wake Forest debate program I was told by others of the immense support and love that John gave to the program. He was a great man and will be missed, rest in peace.

Tris Harper says:

I never got the privilege to know John but I’ve heard the stories — I know that I’d never have gotten the privilege to come and debate as part of this wonderful team without his dedicated and selfless efforts. To have been affected so directly by someone you’ve never met can only speak volumes about that person’s character.
Thank you, John.

Char Van Schenck says:

Rarely does someone with ostensibly so little connection to the activity of debate find it in his heart to support us. Mr. Medica was one of these few; his generosity, benevolence, and love of life will be dearly missed. My thoughts are with the Medica family in this trying time.

Jorge Fournier says:

Thank you for so many years of helping and creating change at Wake Forest. We will miss you greatly.

Todd Johnson says:

John was always so full of energy, so full of ideas, so full of a love of life. And such an incredibly giving heart. I always loved the time I spent with John and am going to miss him greatly.

Corinne Sugino says:

Mr. Medica always offered an immense amount of support to myself and the other debaters. He was so kind, and always took the time to speak to and get to know me personally when visiting the team. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Andy Chan says:

I am deeply saddened by John’s passing. He was a good man with a great heart. I was fortunate to work with him while he was the leader of the Innovation Committee for the Board of Trustees. He motivated and energized us all. He always asked the penetrating question and encouraged us to think boldly and courageously about the possibilities. And John often asked the question that everyone else seemed unable to ask. I loved that about him.

John – Thank you for your wisdom, friendship, generosity, and bold spirit. You inspired us to think more deeply and live more fully. We will miss you…

Debbie Rubin says:

John Medica was a gentleman while quietly asking sharp, penetrating questions. Then he’d suggest unintended consequences followed by a chuckle. John had insight, vision and a self-deprecating sense of humor. With his shocking death, the air has gone out of the room.

Brenda McGrail says:

Gone way too soon and too suddenly. You will be missed here at WFU.

Jack Lowden says:

I enjoyed getting to know John and working alongside him as a Trustee. You always knew where John stood – his frankness and “bottom line” approach I found to be both refreshing and entertaining. John had a knack for burrowing right down to the very essence of an issue. Great guy- positive outlook on life, fun to be around and that great laugh still resonates in my ears.

David Dupree says:

Several years ago, during an economically unfavorable John had a “WTF” moment – which he could not suppress, at a WFU Finance Committee meeting when he discovered the cost of the new WFU scoreboard at the football stadium was going to cost $10mm ( I think that’s right). It was a legendary event, widely circulated, which was told over and over, and John’s mild displeasure for the expenditure perpetuated for quite a while. Upon completion of the scoreboard a year or so later, we’re having our Trustees meeting at Bridger Fieldhouse. The blinds facing the football field were down as usual. I realized that in about 15 minutes, Ron Wellman was coming up to present the Athletics program and tell about (defend) the cost/benefit of the scoreboard expenditure. I sidled up next to Ron at the back of the room and asked if he could bring up a picture of Medica on the scoreboard. (We had gotten a tour of the control room for the scoreboard earlier.) He thought I was totally nuts, but said yes and asked what I had in mind. I told him the less he knew the better.

So, as Ron began his presentation and got into the huge benefits of having the scoreboard, I sneaked over the electronic blind switch and began to raise the blinds overlooking the football field. Ever so slowly, as the blinds were rising, one Trustee after another began to notice them and ever so slowly, the entire room turned, murmuring, chuckling and pointing, to the window to see a 40 ft by 30 ft picture of John Medica smiling down on them from the Scoreboard. In pure Medica style, John took a look, broke into a huge smile, began the head-bobbing chuckle, and stood up and took a bow. He brought the house down once again with his sense of humor and good nature. Simply priceless.

Charles Athanasopoulos says:

“Though I am sad to hear of his passing, I am glad that I was able to share memories with such an amazing person, even if for such a brief time. John Medica was not only a successful business man, but was a loving husband and kind human being. His commitment to our debate team reveals the philanthropic nature of his personality. He genuinely wanted us to succeed no matter what we thought about the world. The opportunity itself, was the important thing for him. I can only imagine the pain his wife, Megan, must be feeling as of now. My thoughts and prayers are with her in this time of hardship. I hope that despite her grief, she can find solace in the beauty and love he produced in her life. I know I will find solace in not only the impressive legacy that he has left behind, but the down-to-earth human interaction he provided me.”

Don Flow says:

“John’s zest for life was contagious. His boisterous laugh brought joy to anyone in his presence, and his kind and generous thoughtfulness was a profound expression of how much he cared for all of the people in his life.”

Nathan O. Hatch says:

“We are all stunned and suddenly bereft of someone who, in his unique way, formed a special friendship with all of us. John made an indelible mark at Wake Forest. From his active engagement as an alumnus to his dedicated service as a Trustee to his extraordinary commitment to Wake Forest being a place that educates students to be leaders of character, he proved the spirit of Pro Humanitate. John, a friend and stalwart Wake Forester, will be profoundly missed.”

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